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Anomaly Engine

  • Matrix map mirrors the dungeon featured in the newest patch. This matrix map has way more Black IC than any game should (BanShee)

Inspector Gadget

  • approached Scruff about the plan to give the anonymous tip on King James (Scruff)
  • claims she had never worked with the other three runners before that night despite KJ claiming they had only worked together (Gadget, KJ)
  • posts under GadgetInExile, insinuating she is the girlfriend of AnalogExile who died around the time Gadget claims her boyfriend died while doing a run for the Jian Systems box
  • was employed by the people who helped get Spider away from the Vory after his botched surgery (scruff)
  • those employers told Scruff he couldn’t tell Americana anything he knew (Scruff)

Jian Systems

  • Created the psychotropic IC box the Halloweeners were trying to sell. (news, OB1, Scruff)
  • Were not the first to create the IC—that would be Winslett-Smith (Scruff)
  • A Johnson had paid OB1 & co. to sabotage the box’s results so his own project would get more attention (OB1)
  • A ‘matrix contact’ told Bast they’d pay big bucks for the box itself (OB1). Spider was that matrix contact (Scruff)

Raids on King James

  • An anonymous tip came, giving Lone Star the last piece they needed to raid KJ for his participation in a snuff ring (Scruff, news)
  • Everhard was the one who actually called in the anonymous tip (Scruff, hearing Gadget refer to an “E”)
    - They told him exactly what he could and couldn’t leak, though told him more than that.
    - One of the things he couldn’t leak was that King James was under Fuchi’s employment for the run he hired Ceyda and Americana for
    - If they only wanted him to leak specific things (and told him to not leak things that he probably didn’t know in the first place (did he know those things in the first place?)) why did they specifically use him instead of Abe or someone not in this social circle? To make him feel more involved?
  • Raids happened simultaneously over the plex.
    - Everett, Tacoma, and Snohomish (Duncan)
  • Suits took the case away from Braghome (Scruff, Duncan)
  • The raids were actually more interested in the simrigs rather than the snuff itself (Duncan, Scruff says that would make Braghome’s reaction to getting the case taken away more understandable)
  • These simrigs created chips that were ‘more real’ by recording data not usually deemed important to other simrigs (Duncan)
    - These simrigs produced ‘shit chips’ that weren’t being marketed any differently than other chips (Dmitri)
  • It is unclear if King James survived the raids. There is money in extracting him. (BanShee)


  • Created the first psychotropic IC (Scruff)
  • Went under after the crash of ’29 (Scruff)
  • Were a shell company for one of the many megas vying for the Echo Mirage company (Scruff)
  • No mention of them on the ’trix except for a couple of extractions that occurred in Quebec 2046 (the year BanShee arrived in Seattle from Quebec) when “some big boys in the cybersecurity industry were competing for some assets that just so happened to all have a certain multinational on their resume” (Scruff)
  • BanShee’s parents claimed they worked for W-S and made a banking program for them (BanShee)
  • 47 people, all engineers and programmers, who formerly worked for W-S were extracted at the same time as her parents (BanShee)
  • Why did King James AND the original Johnson want the data on the disc?

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