Xiem Nguyen


Xiem Nguyen owns “A Little Bit O’ Saigon,” a Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall restaurant. His English has not improved much over the years. His children haven’t been in the picture for years now, but OB1 seems to fill some of that hole for Xiem and his wife.

There are rumors that Xiem Nguyen is the head of the Yellow and Red Seoulpa Ring, responsible for the assassination of Wayne Olson of the district zoning commission. Of course, rumors tend to spread like wildfire in Shadows, and with the Red and Yellow’s leader still unwilling to identify his or herself, and Mr. Nguyen seemingly unaware of the character he now unwittingly plays, the short, squat, balding elderly immigrant, who still after all these years, speaks with gratitude at the fortune he and his wife were blessed with when they successfully fled the oppressive government of their home city for somewhere as safe and lovely as Seattle, has led an uncharacteristically safe and uneventful life in the metroplex.


Xiem Nguyen

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