Solar Shiv


Solar Shiv is a member of the Ancients. While not a professional combat biker herself, she’s trained two Ancients members who went on to be. Most people who see her ride are surprised to find out she’s not a rigger and doesn’t even have augmentations.

She has the biggest shift between her street and JLC personalities. As an Ancients member among her own, she is loud, cocky, and likely to get in the face of anyone—even her own subordinates if they get out of line. She sometimes talks like a bad action movie, and her calling card is pressing her heated shotgun barrel against the foreheads of people who piss her off. At the hotel, she is very relaxed and almost subdued, and her voice crawls out of her throat with heavy fraying. Of the JLC members, she is the least educated and least able or willing to fake it.


She says her mother was Latina and her father was Filipino. “Solar Shiv” is pronounced as usual, but if it is shortened to the first half, the stress is place on the final syllable. It’s unclear if that’s supposed to suggest that she’s gone by Pilar for a very long time or if PNW elf gangers are fully capable of being racist against others.

Other Names:
Pilar Montilla
Emma Reyes

Solar Shiv

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