Scruff Everhard


Scruff Everhard is a somewhat human passing dwarf. He is the owner of SMUT and now spends his time in the shadows acting as an information broker and fixer.

Scruff began his life in one gang, but with Americana‘s help, he formed his own and then somehow managed to pull off the impossible and get out of the gang life alive. The shift occurred in ’47, before during and after the Divorce. The members who survived the switch from gang to corp are still employed by Scruff (or employed elsewhere under Scruff’s strong advisement) and find that not a lot has changed besides the decrease in gratuitous violence and the increase in steady income and black tie events.

While most of his business happens in the taxable world, he also deals in information and fixing for a very small clientele. He claims that BanShee “wouldn’t really have drek if it weren’t for some of the bones [he’d] passed her.” He implies that he passed these bones to her because of her association with Americana before the Divorce.

He is often Braghome‘s Plus One for events. It’s well accepted that this is because Mrs. Brakowski is a terrible person and date, though it’s unclear even to Americana if they are an item. He had a rivalry with King James, whose shadow-work Venn diagrammed too much with Scruff’s. Scruff was approached by Gadget to be the one to call in the anonymous tip about KJ’s snuff ring.


Americana and he met while she still lived in Russia. Over their meeting there and subsequent ones after she moved to the West Coast, they developed a bond and decided that they’d be willing to have each other around maybe even for the long haul. They have both gone to great lengths to help each other and share almost everything.

There are only two noticeable wrinkles in their relationship: the Joy Luck Club and, to a lesser degree, the Divorce. Scruff originally encouraged Americana’s participation in the JLC, and she agreed to it mostly to help Scruff’s grab for power; however, he has become greatly annoyed that Americana won’t share everything she knows about its members (and absolutely nothing about the woman who heads the club), and it irks him to feel like she is still a ‘real’ member when she would never officially join his gang and he’s moved out of the underworld. Americana, on the other hand, is annoyed that she has been successfully trapped in a gang of sorts that she can’t back out of because she was trying to help him.

The Divorce is a much more subtle wrinkle, and hasn’t been directly addressed by either of side. Scruff thinks Americana was in the wrong for the Divorce. Americana agrees that she was being a coward for not reaching out after she had finished mourning and had decided Ceyda was probably right, but she chafes at his seeming unwillingness to recognize that 1) if he hadn’t decided to step out of the underworld (at all in general and at that time more specifically) or relied so heavily on Americana’s help to do so, she would have been there to see the clues Ceyda and BanShee were picking up on and been there that night as well 2) it’s easy for him to sympathize with Ceyda and BanShee because 2a) he never liked Foghorn or the mage anyway and 2b) he’s never lost someone he loved at the hands of someone else he loved.

Known contacts:

  • Americana — runner, face, gun bunny. Primary romantic/sexual relationship
  • Braghome — Lone Star lt detective. Unknown romantic/sexual relationship
  • Spider — street doc, information broker (?). Unlikely romantic/sexual relationship
  • BanShee — decker, fixer. No romantic/sexual relationship.
  • Audra DuHaim — (though their preferred mode of contact is through Americana) vampire, fence, B&E specialist, and SMUT donor. No romantic/sexual relationship
  • Bazza Bradbury — high society gossip and corp wife. Occasional sexual relationship

Scruff Everhard

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