Welcome to the cage, Chummer.

“Odd, that fear should be running the town again as in days of old, like the Crash you don’t remember and the Night of Rage you do — it spreads, like blood in a swimming pool, till it occupies all the volume of the day. And then maybe some playful soul shows up with a bucketful of piranhas, dumps them in the pool, and right away they can taste the blood. They swim around looking for what’s bleeding, but getting more and more crazy, till the craziness reaches a point. Which is when they begin to feed on each other.”
- Lt. Det. Brakowski to Scruff Everhard

The ScreamSheet

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  • Timeline — Keep up with the current events, chummer.
  • ReRuns — Missed a run? Catch the highlights from Racecar’s mouth herself!
  • ShadowSpeak — The Shadows move even when the players are gone, you know.
  • The DeadBook — Who how where and when a chummer died, all in one place!
  • The Spider’s Web — Where a brave or foolish chummer can try to suss out the dark of the Jian Systems conspiracy (if that’s really what this is)

Anomaly Engine

Anomaly Engine is a massively multiplayer matrix role-playing fantasy game that immerses players across the Awakened world in the experimental and persistent world of Cahryst. Experience a world that reacts not only to your actions but to your emotions and thoughts, with each major patch influenced to a large degree by the player-derived consensus, to the point of major patches being almost unrecognizable to the developers when they go live. Join your friends in Cahryst today, in a world where every update is an anomaly!

Into the Cage, Chummer

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