B 4 Q 7(8) S 3 C 8 I 6 W 5
Combat Dice Pool: 9
Karma Pool: 5
Initiative: 13+4d6
Power Points: 10
Career Karma 92/112 spent
Nuyen: 3500

EDGES: Ambidextrous 8

Improved Reflexes 3 5pts
Improved Combat Skill (Pistols) 3 1.5 pts
Improved Physical Attribute (Quickness) 1 .5 pts
Improved Sense: Flare Compensation .25 pts
Emphatic Sense .5 pts
>>Can also sense emotional state
Empathetic Reading .25 pts
>>Lowers TN by 1 to detect lies
Commanding Voice .5 pts
>>One command 3 words or less. Followed or dazed
Wall Running 1 pt
>>Magic rating in meters
Improved Sense: Sound Filter 5 .25 pts
Resilience .25 pts
>>Stabilize deadly wounds, reduced risk of loosing limbs

Pistols (Savalette Guardian) 5/7 (8/10)
Negotiation (Seduction) 6/7
Etiquette 6
Interrogation 4
Disguise (Cosmetic) 2/4
Stealth 5
Demolitions (Improvised Explosives) 2/4
Electronics (Maglocks) 3/5
Car 3

Seattle Music Scene (Modern Jazz) 2/4
Fashion 3
Seattle High Society 3
Popular Culture 2
Criminal Organizations 3
Shadowrunner Community 3
Bars and Clubs 3
Gambling Card Games 2
Urban Brawl 2
Sex Work 6

English 4/2
Russian 4/2
Sperethiel 1/1

2 Savalette Guardians
D:9M W:3.25 Con:5 Ammo:12©
- Personalized Grips
- Laser Sight
- arm slides
- concealable quick draw holsters
- One Custom Finish: Opalescent White. Engraving: Lolita in gold script
- One Custom Finish: Matt Black. Engraving: Daddy in silver script
Taurus Multi-6
cc18 D:6l/7m w1.5 Con:6 Ammo6(cy)
- laser sight
- concealable quickdraw holster
Streetline Special
D4L Con8 W.5 Ammo6©
- concealable quickdraw holster

Induction Adaptor
Armor Vest with Plates B4 I3 C10
Lined Coat B4 I2 C8
4 12-rnd clip explosive ammo
8 12-rnd clip regular ammo

Signal Locator AOD lv8
2 Micro camcorder
Binoculars (thermographic)

Forged Credstick (6)— Lana Lewinski
Firearms Permit
Earplug Cellphone
Basic Pocket Secretary
20 Novacoke
Makeup Compact (3chem 10each)
Lipstick (1chem 100 doses)
Fine Clothing
Ordinary Clothing
Tres Chic Clothing
Amante "Starlight" Dress Bal 1 Imp 1
Amante "London Fog" Frofsnl Bal 2 mp 2
Real Leather Jacket imp2
Real Leather Pants imp2

- Scruff Everhard (2)—Gang Leader
- Dmitri (2)—Restaurant Owner, Former Agent
- Spider (1)—Street Doc
- Officer Duncan Harris (2)—Beat Cop
- Racecar (2)—Coyote
- Kozakura (2)—Yakuza & JLC member
- Solar Shiv (2)—Ancients & JLC member
- Nella (1)—Council Island clerk & JLC member
- Kindly (1)—JLC member
- The Sheriff (1)—Gunsmith
- PencilSkirt (1)—City Official and DataDealer
- Cokeflow (1)—novacoke dealer and Barrens ganger/elf-poser
- Bazza Bradbury (2)—High Society Gossip
- Penny Cross (2)—Investigative Reporter
- St Specter (1)—Street Shaman
- Disco Stick (2)—Stripper
- Frank Kershner (1)—Construction dude w many city contracts

High: Loft over the Melted Piper, Downtown
Low: Bolthole near the Everett Docks



Aliases: Americana, Pepsi-Cola

Americana was born in one of the more volatile barrens of Russia and worked her way to the West Coast of North America. She and Scruff have come in and out of each other's lives for so long that they'd rather have the other person around than not.

She's spent most of the past three years pretending she never knew or worked with Ceyda, and it worked completely in her favor until December 2049. Some dream-addled corpkid got it into her head that she could make it big in the shadows and better indulge her habits. When she finally had to face that it was a bad plan, she stole Americana's personal secretary and car, totaling it in a huge public spectacle and using her junkie adrenaline to skip the scene east to hide from the wrath she was about to bring down on her head as Americana's most elite forged identity was burned and Lone Star claimed her accounts and favorite apartment.

Americana has been a member of the Joy Luck Club for quite some time, which is about the only source of tension in her relationship with Scruff.


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